Healthy Back

Healthy back

  • 70-90% people worldwide experience back discomfort and pain;
  • The length of working hours increases and so does sedentary behavior;
  • Psycho-emotional stress and competition are common;
  • Bad habbits, lack of self-confidence and similar are prevalent.

It is quite possible that most of us don't actually realize that daily activities such as sitting, lifting, keeping posture, cycling and the like may become the cause of our back pains. Even exercise, which we hope to be the way to get better, may evoke even more damage to our back and cause our disappointment, unless the treatment program is composed and implemented based on biomechanics, the principles of safe "human mechanism" movement.   

Day by day a person experiences micro damages to the back tissues without feeling them, these accumulate until one day they convert into unbearable pain. We could compare this process to a prolonged finger tapping on a table, when even though the tapping is very mild after some time it reaches the limit, where damage causes pain. In addition to that, other complex processes, when damage to some tissues provoke pain in other tissues, also play part.

Anti-inflammatory or pain-killing medicines and creams are only a temporary solution to the problem. It is essential to eliminate the cause, which lies behind back damage, that is, it is important to change behavior and start living, moving and taking rest in a way that it would not cause trouble to the back. Furthermore, another step should be strengthening of the back to recover and to avoid future back or spine damages and pains.

Physical activity should be adequately incorporated in people's daily lives. Some authors compare it to the use of medicines. When a person is ill, it is important to use a correct dosage of medicine, too low dose will be ineffective and too high dose may kill. A person needs to move neither too little, nor too much. When a threshold for tissue tolerance for workload is trespassed, the damage to tissues occurs, that is why it is important to evaluate the right dosage of physical workload.

You will learn and will be able to move correctly, you will know how you should not move, how to breathe and not to breathe. By practicing you will learn how to adjust your body to ensure it does not evoke pain or discomfort.

As a consequence, by connecting your peaceful mind with vital body, you will be able to increase your quality of life in every aspect of it, starting with partnership/family and going further by engaging in bright thoughts regarding the beginning of realization of your deepest dreams.

We will also devote time to explore the causes and consequences of stress, fears and anxieties on your overall body as well as its neck and waist. After we accomplished that, we shall try to implement the appropriate relaxation technique for the mind. The time you devote to your greatest wealth - your health, will always pay off with a higher quality of life.

  • After 10 sessions you will feel relief;
  • After 20 sessions you will notice bodily changes and will feel improvement;
  • After 30 sessions you will enjoy better health than before.

Our back/spine therapy focuses on various exercises for back, abdomen (abs) and other muscle groups, special breathing techniques and manipulations with internal organs. During back and spine therapy you are under supervision of health care specialist, who will give you feedback and correct your mistakes.  

We are happy there exists applied systems and methods that help us to help our bodies in self-regulation.

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Healthy Back

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